Wednesday, April 20, 2011


Ellie is becoming Ms. Independent! She is attempting to walk a little bit and doesn't even want us to hold her hands while she is doing it. Also naptime has changed too.

Typically to put Ellie down for naps, Erik and I rock her. I know that for bedtime I usually brag about how we just put her down and she goes right to sleep. However, at naptime she just can't do it. And to be totally honest Erik and I can't take the crying. So usually we rock her and then put her down. Lately however, this has been working either. When we try to rock her, she gets upset and she cries or whines. Finally after a few minutes of this I just gave in and put her down...she fell asleep instantly! Erik and I were so amazed we try it again the next nap, and it happened again. She no longer needs to be rocked, she is a independent girl and can put herself to sleep! Of course, secretly I am missing our cuddle time. However we are so proud of her!