Tuesday, June 29, 2010


And just to add to how beautiful I already feel, I offically snore. Yes, dainty Vannae snores like a truck driver. Apparently it was soo bad that Erik had to sleep on the couch! I am like Ms. Piggy. He said he tried moving me but nothing worked. Sigh...this pregnancy thing is getting more and more fun.
Baby, you have 1 week missy!

Sunday, June 27, 2010


Drum roll please....

We found an apartment! We have literally been at this whole apartment hunt for 2 months now...and finally we found one. We have looked all over Illinois...literally and found an apartment in my hometown. It was right under our noses the whole time. We are so excited!

Its about a block away from the lake, so we can go the beach whenever. My baby will for sure be a water baby! Its a one bedroom but it has a nice size bedroom (bigger than the one we are in right now), a huge kitchen, and a living room/dinning room area. We are pretty pumped. We wanted to stay close because we are getting more and more active in a church here, and now we don't have to commute a million miles to get to church! I really hope this is where we are supposed to be, because I don't think I can bring myself to look at another apartment!

Our next big thing to figure out...a car...oh Lord give me strength!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

That is it!

WARNING: The following is going to be very negative

I am huge! I mean not just pregnant huge...but I think I'm getting my own gravitational pull! I officially cannot fit my maternity clothes or for that matter Erik's clothes either. I am tired of constantly expanding! I know this is very vain....and I am excited that the baby is constantly growing as well. I'm sure this is just my hormones talking but I feel like I'm the size of a house. I probably wouldn't feel so bad if I had more clothes!
Right now I can fit the following:
3 tee shirts
1 tank top
1 pair of jeans
1 cardigan
1 sun dress
1 skirt

Right now Erik and our baby own far more summer clothes than I do! I hate it!
Really really tired of being pregnant

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Baby Shower Numero Tres

One of the benefits of having three families (my family/friends, my church family, and my Colorado family)is having three baby showers! I must admit I am pretty girly, but having so many baby showers was a bit of a challenge for me. I was pretty excited that this Saturday was my last one, and then I could relax.

My mom and sister planned this last shower for me...which means they were stressed. My mom (like my husband) is a perfectionist. She is also, what I like to call, "Ms. Manners". I mean she should seriously start an etiquette school. I know you're thinking, "But Vannae didn't your mom teach you any manners?" And I would like to say I have worked hard at erasing some of my mom's manners that are ingrained in me. I try my hardest to be relaxed about things...however once in a while I hear mom's voice, and I tend to become Mrs. Cleaver myself. At any rate, it was nice that I didn't really have to plan this shower. However, I had to put up with my mom and sister acting insane about this shower.(There was even an arguement about Pepsi vs. Coke) They were so concerned about things that didn't matter. If it was up to me, we would've just had some pizzas and beer (juice for me). My mom doesn't feel this way. So after a stressful month of planning this shower, Saturday was time to see all their hard work pay off.

I am happy to report that everyone had a great time. There were maybe about 24 women there (everyone minus 2 women have known me since I was born.) There was good food, fun games, good conversation, and awesome gifts. It was truly a blast! So even though I think mom and sister can be a little anal...the party was amazing and a good way to end my pregnancy. I am officially 9 months preggers (37 weeks) and ready to be done. The baby shower was the last time I'll probably see all those people before the baby gets here.

Even though it was fun...I still need a day to recover from all that socializing. I tried to relax today but I had to go to a church picnic. So tomorrow I plan on not moving from the couch and taking at least two naps....ahhhh how sweet it is to be pregnant : )

Wednesday, June 9, 2010


Here are few hightlights of the past few days:

1) I am 85% effaced...which means this is the beginning of the end. Although it could still be a while till the actual labor. Im still pretty jazzed about it.

2) I offically start seeing my midwife weekly until I deliever. Which is exciting because I love my midwife and it will be nice to get a weekly update about our baby.

3) My parent's house has been having plumbing problems for as long as I can remember. No one could really find the source until yesterday. It turns out that back in my adventuourous toddlers days I flushed an entire towel down the toliet (I used to love flushing everything down that mysterious hole. One time I flushed a lotion bottle down the toliet...it didn't go very far, but still fun)! The plummer found it...and removed it and BAM! no more plumbing problems. Sorry Mom and Dad!

4)We are preparing for my third and final baby shower Saturday. If I never see "Its a girl!" balloons and eat baby themed food again, it will be soon. I'm excited for this one though cause its all my friends and family...so it should be fun.

5) The baby is facing the wrong way. She is heads down, but facing the wrong way.So I really need her to turn around. The midwife says she still has a few weeks to turn around...but to do certain exercises to help her along. Plus I tell her all the time to turn around...so hopefully she will not start a rebellion and she'll do what I told her to.

6) I have offically washed all her clothes and put them in drawers, Erik is putting up the bassinet, and I have packed my hospital bag. We are getting things done and almost ready for her arrival.

7) I could not be more ready to have this baby!

Thursday, June 3, 2010

I'm an idiot...no really

Last week I kept having a craving...a craving to go to the zoo. While I realize this isn't the same thing as craving chocolate, the craving was just as strong. I bothered Erik all week about seeing the new bear exhibit at Brookfield Zoo. He kept saying that he didn't think it was a good idea...you know because of my tendency to pass out. At any rate, I pleaded enough and on Sunday Erik, my sister, my brother-in-law, and I were on our way!

Before we left I had packed a day pack with entirely too many things. I made sure I had every type of medication 4 people could need: benadryl, claritin, imodium, tums, both of my inhalers, and lactaid. I also packed crackers, water, granola bars, and the GPS. I was ready.

When we got to the zoo, I was expecting it to be 77 degrees (based on weatherchannel.com), however when we got out of the car it was at least 100 degrees! Not to mention the fact that we parked as far away as possible. When I looked down the rows and rows of cars, I barely could even see the entrance to the zoo. I was already getting too hot, but I was determined to see a grizzly. So off we went.

We started our journey off by buying 4 cherry icees. I thought this would help as we walked through the sun. The icee was a good idea because we still had to walk through a long tunnel just to get to the ticket holder/entrance. Seriously, I'm not sure why they want to tire you out soo much before you ever get there. After what seemed like an eternity we made it to the entrance. Of course the bear exhibit was on the other side of the park. But I didn't care how hot and tired I was, I was going to see the polar bears.

On our way to the see the bears, we stopped and saw camels, the Australia House, the African House, the turtles, and the zebras. I had to stop a few times, but we kept going in and out of the air conditioned buildings, so I thought I was okay.

Finally we entered the bear exhibit. To get there you had to walk through a long tunnel and then it opened out into a big square and passed that was the building where they kept the different types of bears. As we were walking through the extremely long tunnel, I couldn't catch my breath. I was soo hot and no matter how much water I was drinking I just didn't feel good. However I was momentarily distracted by the big bison we passed on our way into the Bear Park. It was huge! I had no idea they were so big...anyway back to my dramatic story.

So we go into the bear park and I immediately knew I had to sit down. I was starting to have a contraction. No, not the lame little cramps I usually have, but a full on intense cramping/sharp pain in my back and lower abdomen. And simultaneously I was nauseous and I thought I was going go faint! Quickly I laid down on the nearest bench and Erik ran to get me something cold to drink. While I'm waiting for Erik everyone and their mother was staring at me. I know that every time I see a pregnant woman laying on a bench in pain I stare...but jeez! I was not apart of the zoo exhibit. At any rate next thing I know (against my protests)Erik had someone call the zoo paramedics. So embarrassing! I was already starting to feel better when a family of 5 decided that I was far more interesting than the bears, and they pretty much parked themselves in front of me and just stared at me. They stayed right there when the paramedics showed up. I had to beg the paramedics not to take me in the ambulance. I told them I was feeling much better, and they gave me a bunch of cold packs and asked me a few questions. I was a little distracted by the fan club family, so I just looked at them and said "Hey! Why are you staring at me? I am not apart of the zoo!" They all looked so shocked and immediately stopped looking, but they didn't walk away. The paramedics haled a golf cart for us, and had us driven to our car. Now that I think about it, I wish we could have had that the whole time. Just to show how far away we were from the car...it took us 10 min by golf cart...imagine walking.

So, I never got to see the bears. I mean, I really wanted to see them, and I was so close...and nothing! We just ended up getting lunch and going home. To make me feel better I watched Animal Planet.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010


I literally contantly think I am about to go into labor. Granted I am only 35 weeks...every little thing makes me stop and say "is this it?" I feel pressure in my stomach, and I started thinking "this is it! this is it!...oh wait that's just gas"

Today I was brushing my teeth and the baby started kickin a lot and I started getting braxton hicks with cramps. These were a little more painful than usual. So I started getting nervous and sat down and started getting mentally ready...yeah I know, a little dramatic. I have been having more/powerful braxton hicks, cramps, and back pain. I am beyond anxious already. The baby is pretty low (says the doctor) so I am ALWAYS thinking about that. Seriously this is torture! Is it time yet? Baby just let me know when you're ready...I'm ready when you are