Thursday, March 25, 2010

What...nobody procreates anymore?

So finally my sister and I got some sisterly time on Monday. We both needed some clothes so we went to Woodfield Mall...which is about 30-45 min away. While there are malls closer to us, this mall is different. It is a multi-level mall full of all the stores of your... well at least of my dreams. Anyway, I assumed that this mall would have clothes for both my sister and I. However, no such luck. Apparently the world no longer has need for maternity clothes. This particular super mall originally had 3 or 4 maternity stores in it, however now has none. Zip. Zero. I was so upset. All the stores that I assumed would have a maternity section didn't. Basically no one is making babies anymore. I mean where are all the pregnant women shopping? One woman told me that my best bet would be to buy clothes online. Online?! I don't want to shop online. This is a new body that I have never shopped for before, and I would like to be able to try things on. Besides, it totally takes away the fun part of shopping.
I can just see it sister and I both bring our laptops to the dinning room table and surf the Internet. Then when we wanted each other's opinions, we could just turn our computers around. This would just take all the fun out of least for me.
At any rate, I have decided I feel a little discriminated against, I mean excuse me for continuing the human race...geezz! So I have found a few stores around my house, and I have been forced to search online. I will for sure be holding on to my maternity clothes, just in case they completely eliminate maternity stores when we have our next kid.

Friday, March 19, 2010

Bradley Birthing Class

I am officially 6 months pregnant! It's pretty exciting to almost be in my third and final trimester. Seeing as we are coming in on the final inning, we have started taking our child birthing class. We have done a lot of research and have decided to try and go toward natural childbirth, and have also found that the Bradley Method is the best choice for us.

Our first class was last week and we had so much fun. The Bradley Method is a helpful method to help handle the pain of childbearing...drug free. A lot of people don't realize how unsafe drugs are for both mommy and baby. Giving birth (no matter how painful) is natural and society today treats it more as procedure. I am reading a book called Active Birth by Janet Balaskas. I just read about the different types of drugs that are typically used during labor and the effects they can have on mommy and baby. It's truly shocking.

Here is an excerpt about the side effects of an epidural

" The long term effects on the baby's neurological development are relatively unknown and direly under-researched, despite the widespread use of this form of pain relief worldwide. Side effects for mother, such as severe headaches following the birth, can occasionally occur (these are caused by accidental penetration of the membrane surrounding the spinal cord by the injection needle). And epidural certainly increases the need for obstetric intervention. Labor is often much epidural can contribute to a lessening of the blood supply to and from the uterus, so fetal distress is far more epidural can also inhibit the mother's ability to push her baby out spontaneously, and, in one way or another,increase the risk of forceps delivery, a vacuum extraction, or a cesarean. If an epidural is done wrong, the mother can become paralyzed permanently"

One thing I am not going to guarentee that its not going to hurt and that I wont desperately want drugs, but I am going to try my hardest to get this baby out safely as possible. Its not about if I'm in pain or not, its about getting our little girl here. So the Bradley Method teaches techniques on how to maintain control in the delivery room, how to have the best birthing experience possible, and it teaches different positions and breathing techniques to help with chld birth. It's all very empowering, and little by little I am beginning to believe that I can do this.

Saturday, March 6, 2010


Well its official we are in Chicago. It's been a week in The Windy City, and so far so good. It was sad saying goodbye. And it was hard seeing Erik pout a little bit as we pulled out of our Colorado parking lot. However once we were on the road it got better. My sister and her husband came and drove with us. It was fun and loud and I think by the end of the trip Erik felt even more apart of my family.
My parents recieved us with open arms. I'm sure we looked pretty pathetic after driving for 17 hours. After Erik and I slept for 12 hours we got up the next day and started unpacking. Until we find our new place we are stayin with my parents. Its so nice, my parents have made my old room into a new studio apartment for us! It has been nice to have my parents around.
Erik started work again, I have barely seen him in 3 days. He has been working late and I am usually asleep when he gets home. However it sounds like he's having fun. I can't wait to have a date with him.
The baby seems to be kicking more and more these days. I officially have a real belly. I look really weird naked, but everyone keeps telling me I have a glow...I don't see it.
At any rate, we are still getting used to being in the big city. It' still weird being here. There are so many people and so much traffic. It's a little overwhelming. It doesnt feel like home just yet, but we're working on it.