Friday, July 2, 2010

A new home

We move into our new apartment in a week. I could not be more excited and nervous. So far I haven't had too many nesting cravings, however now that I know where we're going to live, I dream about cleaning and decorating. While Erik is dreaming about being a spy or flying, I am dreaming about picking out paint colors. Its soo strange. I am really excited to make a place for our new family. We have no furniture however, so I have been looking for things that are our style. I am also very excited to start fresh and pick out new things. We have a couch and dining room table. However we need to pick out a bed/dresser. At any rate, all this means is we get to take a much needed trip to Ikea.

I love Ikea, I could live in Ikea. Erik doesn't like it because its a little stressful with all those people and all those options. We usually get into several spats about colors and style. I thought that I had married a man who didn't care about what our place looks such luck. Erik very much has his own taste and style and what he thinks our place should look like.

As soon as we get the keys, I am going to start nesting, and hopefully that will mean the decorating dreams will stop.

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  1. Congrats on the new place! Word from a new mom: DO NOT over do it in the first two weeks after you have your baby. In other words, do nothing but rest, eat, and feed your baby. Believe me, you will need the rest - your body will be going through major adjustments and won't appreciate lots of activity (even if it means unpacking boxes). Your midwife will probably tell you that anyway. ;)
    Peace friend!