Friday, July 23, 2010

Coming up for air has already been almost 2 weeks since little Eliana arrived, and I feel like I am just starting to pull it together. Literally I don't think I've really gotten dressed in the past 3 weeks. I have barely showered, brushed my hair, or seen the sun. I mean my life has been Eliana. I know everyone warned me about this, but I really had no idea. Its really hard to get my own time. I don't actually mind it that much, but I know I probably don't look or smell the best. I can't wait to have more of a schedual.

And now I see why so many women don't breast feed. It is soo good for the baby, but no one else can help. I mean I am literally attached to Ellie because she needs to eat every 2-3 hours. So next week I am going to bust out the ol' breast pump...we'll see how that goes. I'm actually pretty nervous about it. I mean I already feel like a cow, but now I will actually have a machine milking me. Formula is already looking pretty tempting...

Eliana is constantly growing and she makes the cutest faces and sounds. Erik and I just stare at her a lot, which I'm sure makes her wonder if we have anything better that we could do. We love her, and are enjoying watching her grow.

Slowly I am trying to come up for air


  1. Go momma go!

    Just know if you do decide to go with formula, that those kids turn out just fine as well. Just look at Matthew, he's perfectly normal except for that third hand growing out his forehead! :-) Seriously, I know it is almost a religious cult thing, mother's breast milk. But I loved the fact that as a Dad I could feed my boy and feel a little of that closeness that Mom's feel. And guess what? Matthew still bonded to Lori in magical ways I couldn't even begin to approach.

    So happy/excited/proud/thrilled/joyful for you 3!!!

  2. Hey, I was the same way. Totally! We're still doing good without the formula, but that breast pump is a handy thing (although a somewhat strange experience, I admit...). I've been trying to get Lexi on a schedule so I can have a bit of a life now that she is almost 10 weeks, but she's not really ready yet. (bummer for me and more on that on my blog in a day or two) At least I can be thankful that she sleeps through the night now! It really is amazing how much love a mama can have for her baby! Hopefully we can get our girls together once your life calms down a bit. ;)

  3. Vannae, give yourself a break... You are thinking it has been almost three weeks, but it has really only been 11 days!! :-)
    It will get easier and you will look back and reminisce about the hours you spent just watching your precious little girl. Enjoy this time!!

  4. Love your updates. Such an exciting and exhausting and amazing journey! The dairy cow feelings are pretty normal...and breast pump stories can be rather hysterical - all part of the process :) Hope you can keep relaxing and soak in this precious time and ask the Lord to keep revealing new things about Himself and His relationship with you, as you walk this parenting path. Love you!