Sunday, March 6, 2011

10 Things I Love About Ellie

Of course there are hundreds of things I love about my little girl, but I have composed a list of things I have seen over these past few weeks that crack me up or make me smile...

1) When she wakes up from a nap she always looks baffled about being awake

2) I love that she laughs when other people laugh even if she has no idea whats going on.

3) I love that she picks up dirt off of the floor and hands it to me as if she is saying, "Hey mom you really need to vaccum"

4) I love that she says "Mama" and reaches for me when she is upset

5) I love her smile. Even when I'm upset her smile makes me smile

6)I love that when I'm running to stop her from pulling something off of a shelf she crawls faster and laughs, she thinks we're playing a game.

7) I love that Ellie bounces up and down in her high chair when we are about to feed her fruit or veggies

8) I love that Ellie always ALWAYS tries to pull her socks off. I think she likes to feel the carpet on her cute little feet.

9)I love that when I'm giving her a bath she always kicks and splashes and giggles with delight

10) And I love that if I'm crying or frustrated, Ellie always stops what she is doing and crawls in my lap and snuggles with me. (Its like she knows whats happening)

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