Thursday, February 3, 2011

And Now, A Rant About How My Daughter is Growing Too Fast

Eliana is growing up too fast, and I feel like I can't keep up. This week 3 signs of "growing up" occurred.

1) Eliana started crawling. While, I am excited about this milestone I wasn't expecting it to happen at 6 months. I mean I guess that's not too early, but I was thinking more like 7 months into 8 months. However for the past few weeks she has been rocking back on forth on her knees and lunging forward at random objects on the floor. I knew I jinxed myself last week, when I told Erik that Ellie was going to start crawling any day now. And just a few days later my little baby started crawling around and touching EVERYTHING. So now we have to baby proof, and I am struck with the reality that she no longer will be content just relaxing on her floor gym.

2)Not only has Ellie started crawling but now she is trying to pull herself up on things. Ellie doesn't seem content with crawling, she actually gets fussy when she crawls and giggles when she stands. So, she is trying to stand all the time...which will only lead to walking. WALKING? I'm not ready for that! I can't help feeling proud and sad at the same time. She is so amazing, but what happened to the newborn who just wanted to sleep in my arms?

3) My last thing I want to rant about is how big she is getting. Ellie is pretty long for her age (90th percentile) so she is constantly growing out of her clothes. Now, she seems to be out growing her car seat. I know that she still has a while until she gets to sit in a front facing one, but her legs are hanging out of her car seat, and we have loosened the harness straps so much we are running out of slack.

I feel like I am going to blink and she is going to be graduating from high school. I understand why people might want to have more than one kid. Sometimes their kids keep growing up so fast they might want to make another one to catch up. We won't be doing this anytime soon, so I guess I better buckle up and enjoy the ride.


  1. In the same week that Lexi turned 6 months, she got two teeth and started crawling. Now she is 8 months and will be walking very VERY soon! Keep a close watch on Eliana when she does learn to pull herself up on took Lexi quite a while to figure out that every time she let go, her head hit the floor hard! (only when I wasn't watching, that is...)

  2. So happy for both you and Erik that you are able to be at home with Eliana during these formative months. They do fly by quickly as will the next 18 years.