Friday, May 21, 2010

How low can u go?

Today was my midwife check-up. Lately I have been having cramps in my abdomen and lower this midwife check-up was much anticipated. The baby is fine and healthy. She is measuring exactly where she should be. However she is even lower than she was...she is in my pelvis. This could be the source of my cramps. I'm not dilated or anything (however...her checking if I was, was not my favorite experience). Of course this worried am I supposed to handle labor if I don't like my cervix being check. Sigh...I hope I can do this.

At any rate, I have notice how low she is, and I often find myself wondering, "How low can you go, little one?" I constantly feel like am squishing her when I sit down.Or my pants squish her when they bunch up around my hip. Or I worry when I bend over...if don't squat. I don't want her head to be all squished and weird looking. In these moments she kicks me to remind that she is there, she is very vocal like that. At any rate, I hope she is okay...and when she's ready to come out, believe me I am MORE than ready for her to come out.

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