Monday, May 31, 2010

The past few weeks

I have been really behind on seems I'm not doing much, however I don't feel like I have any time. At any rate, last Sunday our current church community had a baby shower for us. Erik and I are fairly new at this church so I was a tad nervous that no one would come, or that it would be awkward. However we had a fantastic time! They decorated the night before and her were at least 30 people there! They had all kinds of food and gifts. We played games and laughed and prayed together. Even a few of the kids I taught in Sunday school came. They were so cute! They were being my little helpers. They brought the gifts over to me and took all the garbage for me.It was sweet. The best part was that Erik was there. I know that's not traditional and Erik was the only guy...hahaha it was so funny. However I really liked having him there. And it was nice cause some people hadn't met him yet, or didn't know he was my husband. At any rate, we are having a third baby shower in 2 weeks. This one is for my family/ friends. I'm really excited about this one, there are a lot of people I haven't seen in a while. However my mom is basically planning all of this, which means its going to be classier than I would've done it. It's soo funny to watch my mom freak out about things that I could care less about. However, I need to step in once in a while to calm her down.
In other news, Erik has started his new job at the University. Today is his first day of work, and he called me during his lunch break. It sounds like he is enjoying it and he is meeting new people...which is nice. A lot of our school friends moved away, so we don't have that many friends here in Chicago. Hopefully Erik is meeting some more guys to spend time with. Did I mention that this job pays double what he was making at his old job? woo hoo!
The hunt is one for a new apartment. We are having a hard time finding an area we want to be in/one that we can afford. However we are starting to pin point some areas we like.
I realize my blog entries have been a tad boring lately, but I'm not doing much. I promise I will write again when I have a funny story something.

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