Monday, August 9, 2010

A brief summary

Erik and I haven't had Internet for 2 weeks, so I have been storing up stories to write about. Instead of writing individual entries, I thought I would write a few quick short stories in one entry.

1) Had to breastfeed in the grocery store parking lot...not fun

2)Eliana got dedicated to the Lord yesterday! It was awesome and we took a ton of pics.

3) Erik's parent came to visit which was really nice to have some extra help

4) I have officially lost 40lbs in 4 weeks!

5) I had to stop breastfeeding...I wasn't making enough milk, and then my milk starting drying up. So our baby is a formula baby now.

6)Erik and I got a date night this weekend. It was amazing and so nice to reconnect with my husband. I love love love him!

7) I feel so much joy its crazy. God is truly amazing.

8) We are almost done unpacking, and now we can move on to decorating

9) I have been asked to lead a mom's small group! I'm really excited about it, even though I know nothing about being a mom

10) Eliana spit up on my mouth when I kissed her. I think that was her way of saying she didn't want a kiss...super gross

11) Ellie is a month old this week! Time is flying by and we are enjoying every second of it

12) Eliana smiled at me and here is a pic of it!

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  1. You seriously crack me up V! I love love love your journals!!! I feel like I'm there with you guys thank you! Love Big Sis....