Thursday, January 14, 2010

2nd Trimester

I am officially 2 weeks into my second trimester! This was supposed to be a trimester of hope, a trimester of new-found energy, a trimester where I don't want to throw up every time people mention food. However, no such luck thus far. My second trimester feels identical to the first. I am still beyond tired, I constantly feel like I am on a sleeping pill, (Part of me is wondering if Erik is drugging my food : ) ), I still am getting really bad headaches all day everyday, and to make matters worse I have dry mouth like I drank the Sahara Desert.

But even though I still feel like crap, I am finally getting a belly to show for it all! My pants don't fit, and I have a little pooch that sticks out in my shirt. Erik thinks that its super cute, I think it kind of looks like I had a really big meal! But it is sooo exciting to know there is a baby in there and that this week it is the size of a softball! How far our baby has come.

I have officially made the ultrasound appointment. On Feb 19th we will know if we are having a boy or a girl! Most of our friends and family think that we are having a boy. To be honest Erik and I don't care what it is as long as its healthy!

Another up side to this trimester is the cravings have started to set in. This week I have craved and successfully kept down the following: buffalo shrimp (extra hot ), a potato burrito, brownies, spaghetti o's, 1 gallon of lemon aid, a jar of green olives, 4 grape fruit, mint chocolate chip ice cream, and enough grilled cheese to last a life time. Looking at this list is currently making me sick, but at the time each and every item was beyond good!

I still have hope that I will start to feel better soon. Cause at this point I feel like I am sleeping my life away...


  1. I am just looking at the list of what you have had to eat this week and thinking it isn't any wonder that you are still experiencing "morning sickness." :-)

  2. yes but this is a lot better than the past few months of eating rice, crakers, steamed veggies, and then throwing it all up!

  3. And, now that I think about it, I have eaten quite a few of those things too... and I am definitely NOT pregnant!! :-)

  4. Well Missy Pooh this sister is glad that you got it all figured out;). I love reading your blogs, you are such a great writer. Love you!! Vaniece

  5. Sorry to hear of your ongoing struggles w food. Once you find that right combination (or things to avoid) stick to those basics for awhile. You'll find the same will go for your new babies eating habits. Keeping it basic and adding things slowly.
    As for the sleep. You go girl! Your body and baby need all the rest it can get. Then take a walk outside in the beautiful Colorado weather to recharge your spirit.
    Love you Three and Praying for your wellness.Mom