Sunday, January 3, 2010

We are Flintstones Kids...

In the past month every time I take my prenatal vitamin I throw up. I have asked several people what they did when that happened. Some women told me to take it at night, some in the morning, some with food, some without food, some said to take half in the morning and half and night, and some said they didn't even take prenatal vitamins. I tried EVERYTHING. Usually within 5-10 min of taking my vitamins I would throw up! I mean projectile vomit (I know, really pleasant). Finally I was defeated. I broke down crying one night, because I felt like I wasn't being a good mom. Now I know this sounds a little dramatic...but you know... hormones. Anyway, I felt like right now my one job as a mother is to provide vitamins and healthy foods for my child, and I couldn't even take a vitamin. So I called my older sister and cried to her on the phone. After she picked me up off the ground and stroked my ego a few times, she suggested Flintstones Vitamins!
Ah, Flintstones. Do you remember those? It never really felt like eating a vitamin, it felt like my mom was voluntarily giving me the MORNING! They were my friends. All the characters were there; Betty, Fred, Wilma, Barney, and who could forget Bam Bam and Pebbles. Yes, when my sister mentioned this, the 5 year old inside of me jumped for joy! However, the mature adult (who comes out on a rare occasion) asked will my baby be getting what it needs? So my sister and I did a lot of research and found that Flintstones are a great vitamin, for all ages. Granted, it doesn't have enough of a few things, it really does cover most of the bases I need.
When I first opened my new bottle of Flintstones Vitamins, I was worried this wouldn't work. I had run out of hope/ideas, I was at a loss. Then I took my first vitamin (I believe it was Wilma) and I waited. 5 min went by...nothing. 10 min went by...still nothing. And after 15 min of not throwing up, I knew I was safe. I had won this battle against morning sickness. I was the victor!
I am now once again proud to say, I am a Flintstones Kid!


  1. I remember taking Flinstone chewables as a kid! Very smart! Somehow I think your kid will grow up craving Flinstone vitamins. :-)

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