Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Babies R Us...

Our time is coming to a close here in Colorado. It’s a bittersweet feeling…I mean on one hand I am so excited to go home and be with my friends and family. I am excited to be back in a place that Erik and I were so happy in. At the same time, I’m not ready to leave yet. This has been such a good growing experience for us. We have truly enjoyed our time here with Erik’s family and friends. So we both are feeling a little sad. However before we go one of Erik’s family friends have offered to throw us a baby shower! I was so elated I immediately started on my registry. When I was imagining what making a registry would be like, I imagined simplicity, cute tiny clothes…kind of a no stress situation. What I got was something completely different.

I realize that babies require a lot of things and I thought I was ready for that but maybe not…In actuality they need more things than I thought. I mean I was looking at things I didn’t even know existed for a baby. At first I tried doing it on my own. I was so overwhelmed by all the choices and all the decisions I needed to make right then. I mean I have never in my life had to have so much conversation about breast feeding. I was talking to the lady in the store, I called my mom and my sister, and finally had to call my best friend (who has a baby of her own and is expecting her second child). I really don’t want to think about breast pads, breast pumps, bottle sizes, etc. Babies R Us is soo overwhelming for a first time mommy. I mean wow…what is all that stuff. I literally needed a tour guide. I mean how do you know if the bottles you picked are the best? How do you for sure that the diaper bag you picked is going to be big enough? How do I know the stroller will be comfortable enough for the baby? And how do I know if I’m just picking out stuff they tell me I need, but actually its just a way for me to spend more money? I have never had to think so much while shopping in my life!

I finally had to give up doing it on my own, and I brought in reinforcements. My best friend came in to save the day. So she went with me through each aisle and explained the thousands of options I had. She was honest about what you use during your baby’s first year and what you don’t. I had a few times of panic but by the end of the day I was actually having fun. I learned so much, it was wonderful. Then I got to go over the list with Erik and share my new knowledge with him. I really like the things I picked out and so does Erik.

And so I’m excited to announce that we officially have a baby registry!

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