Wednesday, June 2, 2010


I literally contantly think I am about to go into labor. Granted I am only 35 weeks...every little thing makes me stop and say "is this it?" I feel pressure in my stomach, and I started thinking "this is it! this is it!...oh wait that's just gas"

Today I was brushing my teeth and the baby started kickin a lot and I started getting braxton hicks with cramps. These were a little more painful than usual. So I started getting nervous and sat down and started getting mentally ready...yeah I know, a little dramatic. I have been having more/powerful braxton hicks, cramps, and back pain. I am beyond anxious already. The baby is pretty low (says the doctor) so I am ALWAYS thinking about that. Seriously this is torture! Is it time yet? Baby just let me know when you're ready...I'm ready when you are

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