Friday, September 24, 2010

Baby Fat and shots

So I am trying to lose all the baby weight. So far I have lost about 35lbs, but I still would like to lose 10-15lbs more. I have always been pretty small, and I kind of miss it. I can definetly tell I have lost weight, but there are several parts of my body that have not given up the baby fat yet. Erik of course says I look great, but I don't think he understands I would like to be close to my weight pre-baby. I have never had to diet really, or exercise that much, so this is new to me.

I am right now doing the "Naturally Thin" diet. Its not really a diet as much as it is a way of life. The author challenges you to change the way you think about food. She talks a lot about balancing yourself out with food. So if you have a craving for a burger, have half of it and fill up on vegitables. Or if you pasta for lunch have a protein and veggie dinner. Basically have the ideal diet. I'm truly not sure if I can be this good with my diet, but I'm trying. Often times Ellie keeps me so busy I barely have time to eat. So a lot of times I just put whatever in my mouth to keep my going. I am going to change this...I just have to.

In other news, the other day Ellie had 5 shots given to her. It was awful! She was screaming and crying. Then when we got home she didnt want to eat, she was throwing up, and crying so loudly I was sure the neighbors thought we were hurting her. We called the doctor and they reminded us that some kids respond poorly to shots...they just stress themselves out and don't feel very well. It was seriously the hardest day we have had with Ellie since she was born(her birthday was by far my hardest day of life. She went to bed 3 hours early and slept 12 hours. It was horrible. However the next day she was back to beautiful smiling self!Thank God! I am not looking forward to anymore shot days...I don't know if my heart can take it.

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