Thursday, September 30, 2010

Two Babies

This past week the unthinkable husband got sick! Erik NEVER gets sick. Seriously I think I've only ever heard him sneeze twice. It's not because Erik takes his vitamins or eats healthy,nope, it's because he has some sort of Viking Super Immune System (Erik is Norwegian, and feels this is why he is sooo healthy). So you can imagine my surprise when, The Viking (as my Dad affectionately calls him) said his stomach hurt.

It was about 3am when we both thought he just had bad I was a tad annoyed when he woke me up for this. However as 4am rolled around he got progressively worse. He was throwing up and was in a lot pain. I rushed to the nearest 24-hour Walgreens and spoke with the pharmacist. She said it sounded like an ulcer and suggested Pepcid AC and Prilosec. We tried both and they didn't work. Erik's pain got worse and he had a fever. So, now I'm trying solve the mystery of Erik's illness and do my usual routine with Ellie. She's crying, Erik's whining, and I'm running around playing Dr. Mom.

Around 3pm Erik's fever and pain got really bad and I decided to call the doctor. The doctor said it sounded like potential appendicitis and I needed to get Erik to the hospital ASAP. Immediately I panicked. What if I had waited too long to call the doctor and now Erik was in danger? Quickly, I called my sister and asked her to come and take Ellie (luckily we live in the same building...super convenient!), packed a bag for Ellie, packed a few things for Erik in case he needed to stay over night, and we were off. Every bump I went over hurt Erik even more, it was awful.

Finally once we got into the E.R (after waiting nearly 2 hours in the waiting room), the doctors started running tests on Erik. Luckily we found out it wasn't appendicitis. But they couldn't decided between an ulcer and the flu. After 6 hours of playing a guessing game, they sent us home with a few prescriptions for an ulcer and told us to follow up with Erik's doctor. Once we picked up Erik's prescriptions and picked up Ellie, Dr. Mom was back in the house. I went back to running back and forth between my two babies. Erik's fever was up and down all night and I made sure I was right there with Tylenol. Finally around 6am Erik's fever went away, and he seemed to be better. We spent the whole day testing Erik's stomach with bland foods, and he was right as rain by that evening. So, we're pretty certain he had the flu. Irregardless of what it is was, it was stressful! I now officially know I'm not even close to ready to thinking about having another child (although I kind of knew that the moment I went into labor) because I already have two at home :)

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