Thursday, December 31, 2009

The Heartbeat

So up until this point being pregnant hasn't felt real. I mean I have talked to the baby, I have gotten very sick, and I guess I can tell my body is changing...but it still hasn't felt like there was actually a baby inside of me. However, last week my husband and I got to hear our baby's heart beat. It was truly incredible. I know its not the same thing as actually seeing the baby in the ultrasound, but it was pretty amazing. I just felt overwhelmed by the idea that there is a little life inside of me, it has a heart beat and everything. And the best part of it is, the baby is all my mine! I mean in 7 months, I am going to be a mother! Its crazy to think about, but after hearing that heartbeat I can't help but be amazed, honored, and excited. God chose Erik and I to take care of a life. I feel so blessed I cannot believe it! Thank You God for this mind-blowing gift!

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  1. It truly is mind-boggling....the one time when God allows us to take part in His creating an eternal being!!!! So glad you are taking time to reflect and wonder in this extraordinary time. Love you!