Sunday, June 27, 2010


Drum roll please....

We found an apartment! We have literally been at this whole apartment hunt for 2 months now...and finally we found one. We have looked all over Illinois...literally and found an apartment in my hometown. It was right under our noses the whole time. We are so excited!

Its about a block away from the lake, so we can go the beach whenever. My baby will for sure be a water baby! Its a one bedroom but it has a nice size bedroom (bigger than the one we are in right now), a huge kitchen, and a living room/dinning room area. We are pretty pumped. We wanted to stay close because we are getting more and more active in a church here, and now we don't have to commute a million miles to get to church! I really hope this is where we are supposed to be, because I don't think I can bring myself to look at another apartment!

Our next big thing to figure out...a car...oh Lord give me strength!

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