Sunday, June 13, 2010

Baby Shower Numero Tres

One of the benefits of having three families (my family/friends, my church family, and my Colorado family)is having three baby showers! I must admit I am pretty girly, but having so many baby showers was a bit of a challenge for me. I was pretty excited that this Saturday was my last one, and then I could relax.

My mom and sister planned this last shower for me...which means they were stressed. My mom (like my husband) is a perfectionist. She is also, what I like to call, "Ms. Manners". I mean she should seriously start an etiquette school. I know you're thinking, "But Vannae didn't your mom teach you any manners?" And I would like to say I have worked hard at erasing some of my mom's manners that are ingrained in me. I try my hardest to be relaxed about things...however once in a while I hear mom's voice, and I tend to become Mrs. Cleaver myself. At any rate, it was nice that I didn't really have to plan this shower. However, I had to put up with my mom and sister acting insane about this shower.(There was even an arguement about Pepsi vs. Coke) They were so concerned about things that didn't matter. If it was up to me, we would've just had some pizzas and beer (juice for me). My mom doesn't feel this way. So after a stressful month of planning this shower, Saturday was time to see all their hard work pay off.

I am happy to report that everyone had a great time. There were maybe about 24 women there (everyone minus 2 women have known me since I was born.) There was good food, fun games, good conversation, and awesome gifts. It was truly a blast! So even though I think mom and sister can be a little anal...the party was amazing and a good way to end my pregnancy. I am officially 9 months preggers (37 weeks) and ready to be done. The baby shower was the last time I'll probably see all those people before the baby gets here.

Even though it was fun...I still need a day to recover from all that socializing. I tried to relax today but I had to go to a church picnic. So tomorrow I plan on not moving from the couch and taking at least two naps....ahhhh how sweet it is to be pregnant : )

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