Wednesday, June 9, 2010


Here are few hightlights of the past few days:

1) I am 85% effaced...which means this is the beginning of the end. Although it could still be a while till the actual labor. Im still pretty jazzed about it.

2) I offically start seeing my midwife weekly until I deliever. Which is exciting because I love my midwife and it will be nice to get a weekly update about our baby.

3) My parent's house has been having plumbing problems for as long as I can remember. No one could really find the source until yesterday. It turns out that back in my adventuourous toddlers days I flushed an entire towel down the toliet (I used to love flushing everything down that mysterious hole. One time I flushed a lotion bottle down the didn't go very far, but still fun)! The plummer found it...and removed it and BAM! no more plumbing problems. Sorry Mom and Dad!

4)We are preparing for my third and final baby shower Saturday. If I never see "Its a girl!" balloons and eat baby themed food again, it will be soon. I'm excited for this one though cause its all my friends and it should be fun.

5) The baby is facing the wrong way. She is heads down, but facing the wrong way.So I really need her to turn around. The midwife says she still has a few weeks to turn around...but to do certain exercises to help her along. Plus I tell her all the time to turn hopefully she will not start a rebellion and she'll do what I told her to.

6) I have offically washed all her clothes and put them in drawers, Erik is putting up the bassinet, and I have packed my hospital bag. We are getting things done and almost ready for her arrival.

7) I could not be more ready to have this baby!

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