Monday, August 16, 2010

Bodily Fluids

I have never in my life had so much experience with someone else's bodily fluids. I mean I was aware that there would be diaper changes which leads to lots of poop, and I knew there was going to be tons of spit up and drool...however I didn't realize the extent of the issue, and I didn't realize it was going to end up all over me.

Little Ellie spits up more than I could ever imagine. I mean everything in our apartment is covered or has been covered in baby vomit. Even as I am writing this (during a 2 am feeding) she has spit up all over her burp cloth and me... and then just smiled. I can never get too annoyed when she smiles. A few weeks ago Erik and I had just finished a feeding and decided to put her in her swing. Eliana loves to swing! It vibrates, swings, and plays music; what's not to love? Anyway, there we were a happy family,Eliana swinging and Erik and I (feeling pretty proud of how quiet she was being) watching t.v, when all of a sudden vomit! I am not going to candy-coat it and call it spit up because she projectile vomited...twice! She of course aimed for the couch leg...yum. We were so shocked, we just sat there for a while staring at Senorita Pukes-A-Lot.

I know no one wants to hear about Eliana's poop and pee so I'll keep it brief. There's a lot of it. And somehow she gets it all over me. I cannot begin to explain the amount of outfits she has pooped through and peed through. Eliana's first bath was because of her bodily fluids. It was only a few days after she was born and Erik and I had just put Eliana down for bed when we smelled poop. It was Erik's turn to change her diaper. All of sudden I hear, " Oh man!" I got up, shuffled over to the changing table and was taken aback by all the poop! It was everywhere: through her jammies, up her back, through the diaper, in the bassinet, and on her leg. Quickly we decided it was time for her first bath. Excitedly, Erik helped me pick a good temperature and get her bath things together. We didn't want to miss this momentous occasion, so Erik brought along the video camera. Before we could begin recording, Ellie immediately started screaming bloody murder! We both started to panick and had to move fast. Eliana thought this would be a good time to pee in the bath, so I had to pour out the water and get new pee-less water. After we finished this painful bath, she spit up all over Erik while he was trying to dry her. When we finally got her dressed and back in bed, all three of us were traumatized by the experience. We avoided giving her another bath for few days after that.

Needless to say, through all the poop and puke, she is still an awesome kid. And I am storing up these stories to embarrass her with in the future.

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  1. I laugh and cry at the same time reading these. You guys are hilarious! Keep them coming I love it!! And Ilove you;)....Big Sis