Sunday, August 29, 2010

A Mother's Instincts

So to be totally honest I am not really the maternal type. I'm not really a nurturer and I'm usually okay with that. I mean I always felt like some women had it and some didn't. While I was pregnant everyone kept telling me that I was going to have "Mommy Instincts" as soon as Eliana was born. I would nod my head knowing that wasn't going to happen. I thought to myself, "Erik is going to have more instincts than me." At any rate, I didn't really buy in to any of it until these past few weeks.

As stated in my previous entry, Eliana has eczema. The first doctor we went to said it was just acne. I knew this couldn't be true. I have had enough acne to be on a Proactive commercial! I know what acne looks like, and this was obviously a rash. It first started on her cheek and eventually spread all over her body. Some places were worse than others. The rash was obviously not getting better, so we got a second opinion. This doctor said she had eczema but just to change the soaps that we're using and to lotion her better. This solution didn't sit well with me. I mean, really that's it? So I did some research on my own and read more about infant eczema...and come to find out there is usually a source. Immediately I thought that maybe it was her formula. In more recent times, it is quite common for babies to have formula allergies. They now make hypoallergenic formula and soy based formulas. I did some more reading about symptoms of a milk allergy and Ellie didn't really have any except the rash. I mentioned this potential solution to her doctor and he shook his head and ignored me. I just kept feeling so unsettled. I prayed for God to give me peace if I should just let this go and trust the doctors instead of myself. I got no peace just more anxiety. Eliana started getting really fussy every day, her rash got worse, she wasn't eating well, and she was vomiting often. We were all miserable.

Finally about 2 days ago, I decided to trust my "Mommy Instincts" and buy her some hypoallergenic formula. Within the first few feedings we were already seeing a difference. Eliana was back to her happy self! The rash on her face immediately began to clear up, and the rash on her body was losing its redness. I was so happy, I just couldn't believe it! My instincts were right!

Now its been about 48 hours on the new formula and all things seem to be much better. Ellie is still a happy camper, and her rash is going away. There is still quite a bit on her chest, but its looking better. I'm still uncertain that the decision I made was right. I mean its kind of strange being right and a doctor being wrong.

Moral of the story...I do have "Mommy Instincts!" and they can be trusted.

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